Series GPD5000

3-Jaw Concentric Grippers Series GPD5000

“The Best”

Ø  Steel Linear Guide – The superior guidance system concept

The steel / steel guide stand for lasting precision, durability and a long service life – featuring maintenance intervals of up to 30 million gripping cycles. Benefit from these features and increase the profitability and process reliability of your machine 

Ø  Leakproof and corrosion protected – The universal gripper

Suitable for virtually all ambient conditions, with a sealed guide up to IP67 and corrosion protection as standard, you are able to use this gripper universally. As a result, the range of models in your production is reduced, along with a reduction in associated storage and process costs

Ø  Aluminium Linear Guide – The Alternative

Reduced to those aspects which are the most important, the steel / aluminium guide variant offers significantly better performance when compared to a similar gripper with a T-groove travel guide, and is on par with the best principles of toothed guidance systems