ACS355 NEMA 4X General Purpose Drive

The ACS355 NEMA 4X drive is designed for applications exposed to dust, moisture and cleaning chemicals. The heat sink’s cooling fins are completely open from top to bottom, which allows easy washing to ensure no dirt adheres to the surfaces. Assistant control panel housed within a plastic window is designed to resist moist and dusty atmospheres. Furthermore, the cooling fan is located inside the drive, thereby eliminating the need for an external cooling fan and the subsequent maintenance of external moving parts. The drive’s hygienic design and use of materials meeting current hygiene standards, means that the drive traps no bacteria and can withstand frequent washing. The drive is certified by NSF.



·         Volts per Hertz or Sensorless Vector Control

·         Induction Motor or Permanent Magnet Motor Control

·         150% overload for 1 minute

·         Two built in PID control

·         UL Type 4X/IP66 enclosure as standard

·         Built-in Graphic control panel for operator interface with Local Speed Control Capability

·         Easy control panel navigation due to use of Parameter Groups

·         Macro’s and Start-up Assistant allows easy commissioning without the need for the user’s manual

·         Built-in braking Transistor allows connection of external braking resistor for applications that require Dynamic Braking