Material Handling System

Material handling means providing the right amount of the right material, in the right condition, at the right place, at the right time, in the right position and for the right cost, by using the right method. It is simply picking up, moving and lying down for materials through manufacturer. It applies to the movement of raw materials, parts in process, finished goods, packing materials, and disposal of scraps. In general, hundreds and thousands tons of materials are handled daily requiring the use of large amount of manpower while the movement of materials takes place from one processing area to another or from one department to another department of the plant.

The Objectives:

  • Lower unit material handling costs.
  • Reduction in manufacturing cycle time through faster movement of materials and by reducing the distance through which the materials are moved
  • Improved working conditions and greater safety in movement of materials.
  • Contribute to better quality by avoiding damage to product by inefficient handling.
  • Increased storage capacity through better utilization of storage areas.
  • Higher productivity at lower manufacturing cost.

Product (Picture as shown below):

  • Conveyor
  • PCS 1000
  • DLS 1000
  • BS 100
  • MS 100