CS - Compact Series Linear Guide System

NEW!  The Compact Series Linear Guide System from PBC Linear® is designed to provide smooth, accurate, and repeatable linear motion in tights paces. The Compact Series boasts a low profile—23 mm—standard system height making it an ideal solution for applications such as lab automation, medical,automated delivery systems, dispensing robotics, and electronic board manufacturing.

The Compact Series Linear Guide System can be configured—with standard options—to adapt to the demands of the application.Options include: two bearing choices, gliding surface technology or profile rail technology; lead screw with multiple leads; standard fixed or Constant Force™anti-backlash nut; manual drive; integrated stepper or smart motor; and a motor mount option for use with other motors.


  • Bearing options: Gliding Surface Technologyprovides smooth and quiet operation. This choice is low cost, self-lubricating,and maintenance free. Profile Rail Technology provides rigid performance and isideal for applications that require high loads or precise positional accuracy.
  • Lead Screw: 6 mm diameter lead screw isavailable in 1, 2, 5, and 10 mm leads.
  • Nut: Standard fixed or Constant Force™anti-backlash nut.
  • Motor: Integrated NEMA 17 or NEMA 23 steppermotors; single, double, or triple stack; motor mount option for attachingstepper, servo, or smart motor, etc. Option with a manual hand knob is alsoavailable.