NextMove ST (NST)

NextMove ST features the MintMT motion control language. MintMT is a structured form of Basic, custom designed for stepper or servo motion control applications. It allows you to get started very quickly with simple motion control programs. In addition, MintMT includes a wide range of powerful commands for complex applications.

Standard features include:

·         Three stepper drive outputs, with control for a fourth external stepper axis.

·         Integral AC/DC power supply.

·         Point to point moves, software cams and gearing.

·         24 general purpose 5V digital inputs, software configurable as level or edge triggered.

·         16 general purpose digital outputs (open collector Darlington type).

·         2 differential ±10V analog inputs with 12-bit resolution.

·         1 single-ended 0-11V analog output with 8-bit resolution for control of a fifth axis or other equipment

·         USB serial port

·         RS232 or RS485 serial port (model dependent).

·         CANopen or proprietary Baldor CAN protocol for communication with MintMT controllers and other third party devices.

·         Programmable in MintMT.