BSP Ball Screw Assemblies

Hepco’s range of ball screw assemblies offer a choice of screw diameters and pitches to suit a wide variety of applications.

All single nuts are offered either play free or with controlled backlash. The same range is also available with a higher precision ground ball screw. To further compliment the range there are high lead and miniature ball screws.

·               Popular size rolled ball screws available on short lead times.

·               Rolled or ground ball screws for lower cost commercial or precision applications.

·               Standard DIN nuts are available with rolled ball screws Ø16mm to Ø50mm.

·               Range of high lead pitches for higher speed applications.

·               Miniature screw diameters Ø6mm to Ø14mm available in rolled or ground finish.

·               Ends machined to suit standard range of housings or specific application.