Linear Plain Bearing Pillow Blocks

PBC Linear has combined the Frelon material with precision bearing technology to create the Simplicity® linear plain bearing and then placed that bearing inside of a housing to create a Self-Aligning, Plain Bearing Pillow Block. “Simplicity” means quality, performance, and lower maintenance costs. The Frelon liners are bonded to the bearing shell at the molecular level. This configuration transfers the load and dissipates heat throughout the bearing.  It also allows the bearing to move in linear, oscillating, rotary, or any combination of motions. Made to thrive and survive in the presence of contaminants, the self-lubricating liners offer a number of other desirable features:


  • The ability to absorb hard particulates eliminates galling and shaft damage
  • Vibration is dampened, offering smooth and quiet linear motion
  • Shock loads are absorbed without damage to components
  • Reliable friction characteristics that do not increase over the life of the bearing
  • Close fit and wiping action cleans the shafting and eliminates the need for seals in 90% of applications
  • They will not catastrophically fail.
  • Optional Lubrication Port
  • Also available with optional stainless steel shell for the most severe environments.