NEMA 4X Drives

A 115/230vac, Full-Wave Regenerative Variable Speed DC Drive in a NEMA-4X / IP-65 washdown and watertight enclosure. Designed to operate 90 and 180 Volt Permanent Magnet and Shunt Wound DC motors in a bidirectional mode. It provides 4-quadrant operation, which allows forward and reverse torque in both speed directions. Motor overload protection (I x t) will shut down control if the motor is overloaded for a predetermined amount of time. The exclusive Auto-Inhibit circuit allows safe, smooth starting during rapid cycling of the AC line.



·         Adjustable accel, decel, current limit, IR comp, min and max speed

·         Overload indicating LED

·         5K speed pot

·         Anti-demag circuit

·         Active bridge circuit