PL Linear Actuators

The PL series offers a screw driven actuator with a 55mm x 55mm (2.17 in x 2.17 in) body profile. Pre-loaded ball bearing cam rollers guided by patent pending Integral-V™ hardened steel raceways are used to create smooth precise guidance. SIMO® (Simultaneous Integral Milling Operation) machining of each aluminium actuator body provides side and bottom surfaces that are machined flat and perpendicular for accurate installation. A stainless steel seal strip magnetically seals against the actuator body and resists contamination that would otherwise enter the actuator. Dual and extended carriages are available to increase the load and moment capacities.  


  • Anodized aluminium bodies of 55mm x 55mm profile.
  • PLA055 actuators are available with ball screws, coated lead screws, or acme screws.
  • Maximum stroke lengths and maximum carriage speeds:
    • PLA055: up to 2710mm (107 in) and up to 2 m/s (79 in/s)
  • Maximum single carriage loads of 2000 N (450 lbs) and maximum moments of 120 Nm (1062 in•lb)
  • (2) T-slots on each side of the actuator accept standard and roll-in t-nuts for easy mounting
  • Available accessories include mounting clamps, motor mounts, couplings, gantry plates, and limit switches