MicroFlex e100 (MFE230)

The MicroFlex e100 is a versatile brushless servo drive, providing a flexible and powerful motion control solution for rotary and linear motors. Standard features include:

·         Single axis AC brushless drive

·         Range of models with continuous current ratings of 3 A, 6 A or 9 A

·         Direct connection to 115V AC or 230V AC single-phase or 230V AC three-phase supplies

·         Universal feedback interface supporting incremental encoder, BiSS, SSI, EnDat, Smart Abs or SinCos feedback

·         Position, velocity and current control

·  Auto-tuning wizard (including position loop) and software oscilloscope facilities provided by MintWorkBench configuration software

·        3 optically isolated general purpose digital inputs. Two inputs have ‘fast input’ capability, providing real-time position capture

·         1 optically isolated drive enable input

·         1 optically isolated general purpose digital input

·         1 optically isolated digital output to indicate error conditions

·         USB 1.1 serial port (compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0)

·         CANopen protocol for communication with Mint controllers and other third party CANopen devices

·       Ethernet POWERLINK & TCP / IP support: Twin Ethernet ports with integrated hub for communication with host PC or other Ethernet POWERLINK devices

·         Programmable in Mint