ACS355 General Purpose Drive

The ACS355 is a general purpose AC Microdrive with high-performance features for control for Variable Speed AC Motors. It is heavy-duty rated up to 30HP, and can handle variable torque, constant torque or constant horsepower applications. The ACS355 is designed for New installations, replacement applications as well as for original equipment manufacture (OEM) use.



·         Volts per Hertz or Sensorless Vector Control

·         Induction Motor or Permanent Magnet Motor Control

·         150% overload for 1 minute

·         Two built in PID Control

·         IP20 Standard Enclosure and available UL Type 1 Option Kit

·         Blank control panel as standard. Optional Graphic control panel for operator

·         Interface with Local Speed Control Capability

·         Easy control panel navigation due to use of Parameter Groups

·         Macro’s and Start-up Assistant allows easy commissioning without the need for the user’s manual

·         Built-in Braking Transistor allows connection of external baking resistor for applications that require Dynamic Braking