NextMove ES (NES)


NextMove ES is a compact EuroCard format motion controller for the control of up to 6 axes of control (2 servo, 4 open loop stepper). Using the latest generation 32-bit Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), NextMove ES, coupled with MINT-MT, offers a high speed and flexible motion controller.

On board I/O can be used to control many parts of the machine. This can be further expanded with either ABB's range of CAN I/O modules operating over the NextMove ES CAN bus, or alternatively, CANopen devices conforming to the standard DS401 I/O profile.

Versatile programming is provided by means of MINT- multitasking BASIC or the supplied ActiveX components.

NextMove ES is available with RS232 (or optional RS485) and USB programming ports.


·         Eurocard 3U rack mount configuration

·         32-bit 120MHz Digital Signal Processor (DSP)

·         2MByte SRAM for user programs and data

·         2MByte FLASH for firmware and user program storage

·         32kByte FRAM for non-volatile parameter storage

·         Controls 2 axes of servo & 4 axes of stepper, or: 6 axes of servo – when used with FlexDrive or MicroFlex in step and direction mode

·      17 uncommitted non-isolated digital inputs Programmable for hardware limits, home input, stop input and error input. 4 of the inputs can be programmed for high speed capture of position with 1 microsecond.

·         11 uncommitted digital outputs. 5V open collector Darlington Programmable for drive enable and high speed position compare output

·         24V/150mA relay output to signal system error conditions

·         2 x 12-bit uncommitted analog inputs

·         RS232 (115,200 Baud) and USB programming interfaces USB drivers compatible with Windows 2000/XP Optional RS485 serial port

·         CAN interfaces for I/O expansion and HMI interfaces. Can be used to provide full peer-to-peer networking capabilities with other MINT-based controllers

·         Multi-tasking programming capability with MINT-MT. Number of tasks limited only by available memory

·     Comprehensive move types including: linear, circular and helical interpolation; software cams; flying shears; splines, synchronization with positional offsets and virtual axes

·         ActiveX libraries supplied free of charge

·         Compatible with MINT-NC and HPGL