Domino F-Series Lasers

The F220i / F720i Fibre laser

Precision, permanent marking with powerful high pulse power

For high precision, permanent marking of crisp, clear codes onto a wide range of materials, there's simply no better choice than our F-Series fibre laser system. Boasting a laser beam spot size that’s approximately ten times finer and sharper than other laser coding products, our F-Series laser printers allow you to mark your products with utmost precision and quality. Tailor the beam strength to suit your materials, up to powerful high pulse power peaks of more than 12kW, suitable for engraving metals. With the F-Series you can achieve better contrast on plastic materials and deploy a much softer coding process on material susceptible to fractures.

The F-Series laser system can produce unlimited lines of text in any orientation, and in many fonts and sizes. Equally suitable for both graphics and 2D datamatrix codes. With the promise of guaranteed uptime, 100,000 hours of laser life, easy installation and compact footprint, the F220i and F720i is flexible and adaptable - equally suited for static / intermittent coding and marking on the fly applications from low to high production line speeds.

Key Benefits:

¨      High coding accuracy, crisp and sharp codes on metals, plastics and flexible packaging

¨      Adjustable waveform can tailored to specific application requirements

¨      Very fine spot for utmost precision, ideal for static and mark-on-the-fly applications

¨      Compact sizing and flexible integration options

¨      Very long expected laser file of approx 100,000 hrs

¨      Lasting performance without planned maintenance routines ensuring high uptime