IVTABK Linear Guide


IVTABK linear guide rail eliminates tolerance stack-up with precision qualified edges for high accuracy and quick alignment. Composed of a precision machined aluminum anodized rail with embedded hardened stainless steel races, the IVTABK linear guide is lightweight without sacrificing strength and integrates easily with standard aluminum extrusion framing systems. The embedded stainless steel races also work to eliminate fasteners and reduce mounting components. The rail is SIMO® machined for precise mounting and alignment on all critical sides—ensuring dimensional and rail form accuracy. IVTABK carriages are available with a wide variety of accessory options for your specific application.

  • Standard lengths up to 3,650 mm (Consult factory for longer continuous length or joinable rails.)
  • SIMO® machined for precision qualified rail surfaces within .002" (.05 mm)
  • Hardened steel races eliminate fasteners and reduce mounting components by up to 50%
  • Handles loads up to 8,900 N (2,000 lbf)
  • High speed capacity 10 m/s (394 in/s)
  • Carriages equipped with sealed, lubricated for life rollers
  • Carriages available with wheel covers, scrapers and wipers