NextMove e100 (NXE)

The NextMove e100 builds on the proven NextMove controller family of products, integrating the management of real-time Ethernet using the industry standard protocol Ethernet POWERLINK. Drives, I/O devices, sensors, absolute encoders can all be added to the POWERLINK network and controlled from the MINT programming language. This greatly simplifies system design and installation, and simultaneously expands the capabilities of the NextMove e100 as a machine control platform.


NextMove e100 can perform interpolation for up to 16 axes, either as a single coordinate group or as an independent sub-group in a multitiple coordinate system with interpolation over the Ethernet POWERLINK network or the built in stepper/servo axes. NextMove e100 is compatible with ABB's Ethernet POWERLINK AC servo drives - MicroFlex e100 and MotiFlex e180.