SIMO Series Driven Systems


With the ability to be integrated with any bearing option, the SIMO® Series Linear Motion Platform offers 3 drive options:

  • Lead screw - with standard fixed or Contant ForceTM anti-backlash options, the self-lubricating polymer nuts and lead screws provide good rigidity, vibration damping , and consistent performance. Most common leads available are 1, 2, 5, 10, and 16 mm. Consult the factory for other options.
  • Belt drive - 2 versions are available 
    • Horizontal belt and motor mount for the UGT tall profile provides greater structural integrity for higher unsupported loads.
    • Vertical belt and motor mount for UGA low profile rail provides a compact economical belt driven solution.
  • Ball screw - with a selection of accuracy classes and leads, the ball screw solutions provide the highest rigidity and precision available.

All are available with integrated 42mm (NEMA 17) or 56mm (NEMA 23) stepper motors. Consult the factory for other motor mounting options.